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A  Greek unique concept dedicated to the Art of hand crafted candy specializing in wedding, baptisme and corporate candy. We born in Athens at 2011. Soocre’ is an open candy kitchen. In our shops everyday we make caramels handmade with natural colours and natural flavors. Everyone of our Team working in other type jobs before fall in love with candy making. Our founder, Kalliope Kallamara, left she’s career in Agriculture, hearing her heart voice to open Soocre’: The first handmade candy kitchen in Greece. But it isn’t only these…   Read More




  • Imagination
  • Love…
  • Knowledge
  • Skill
  • Sugar…


Handmade Candies

Candy: Soocre’ makes some of the world’s most uniquely beautiful and wonderfully tasty retail candy sold anywhere in the world. Our range is constantly changing, but below are a few of our most popular flavours. Have a look at the pictures below, and then come in and watch us make something uniquely beautiful and wonderfully tasty  right before your eyes…all day every day in our shops


Lollipops: They remind us our childhood and the child hidden inside us.We all love lollipops!!!  Customised…you choose colours and flavours for any reason: Weddings, baptism,parties, events,trade shows and promotions…all can be a little bit sweeter with Soocre’ lollipops. Available in various sizes and shapes,ask us to help you make something uniquely beautiful and wonderfullytasty…

Frozen yoghurt

The Frozen Yogurt(Natural flavor): Lightweight, giving stimulating and well-being, made of strained yogurt and fresh milk, our Frozen Yogurt contains prebiotics and fiber that help our body to function properly. It’s perfectly healthy and lightweight so it’s safe to enjoy as many times as you want your favorite flavor without worrying about the line and

Make your candy now with the...Candy Builder...

Use your imagination and Create unique candies on your own, using our interactive tool "The Candy Builder". Imagine it and watch it happen in 3 simple steps...


Step 1: The Design

Choose colors, stripes, designs, or upload your custom logos, company logo etc...

Step 2: The Flavor

Choose your favorite flavor for your candy and or try a combination...

Step 3: The Order

Choose quantities, give your name and address and make your order!

Contact Info

Athens - Greece

Address: Nefelis 3 Palaio Faliro
Tel: +30 6945635907 & +30 6994218017
Email: info@soocre.com

Open soon
Address: Sintagma
Tel: +30 2112105972

Naxos - Greece

Address: Kastro Faragas, Chora Naxou
Tel: +30 6942770989
Email: naxos@soocre.com

Kiev - Ukraine

Address: Ocean Plaza, ул. Горького, 176. 2 эт
Tel: +380 93 979 8170
Email: info@soocre.com

Moscow - Russia

Email: info@soocre.com