SOOCRE_GOODA  Greek unique concept dedicated to the Art of hand crafted candy specializing in WEDDING,BAPTISME AND CORPORATE CANDY.
We born in Athens at 2011.Soocre’ is an open candy kitchen.In our shops everyday we make caramels handmade with natural colours and natural flavors.
Everyone of our Team working in other type jobs before fall in love with candy making.
Our founder, Kalliope Kallamara, left she’s career in Agriculture, hearing her heart voice to open Soocre’: The first handmade candy kitchen in Greece. But it isn’t only these. She has in her hand a special gift, a very old English secret recipe from 17 century complementing with the best ingredients of Europe we make the best caramels that you can ever taste. Our Soocre team move in to the next step, improving with extra training their skill day by day to give you the best result for your orders can make anything you can ask!
With shops(…at the moment) in Greece(Athens-Naxos island-Rhodes island) Ukraine(Kiev) and Russia(Moscow) Soocre’ moving forward to the future.
Soocre’ can make for you the best customize handmade rock candy .In our shops you can see in front of your eyes how we can ”write” your name,logo or your message inside to a small piece of candy.
So,come in our shops to see, smell feel and taste the magic of candy making.
Perfect idea for any occasion party events corporate baptism wedding birthday or just for fun.



Company Presentation

Στοιχεία Επικοινωνίας

Αθήνα - Ελλάδα

Συντομα σε νεο κατάστημα στην οδό Κολοκοτρώνη Αθήνα
Τηλ: 6994218017 & 6994165979
Email: info@soocre.com

Νάξος - Ελλάδα

Διεύθυνση: Κάστρο Φαράγγας, Χώρα Νάξου
Τηλ: 6942770989
Email: naxos@soocre.com

Κίεβο - Ουκρανία

Διεύθυνση: Ocean Plaza, ул. Горького, 176. 2 ??
Τηλ: +380 93 979 8170
Email: info@soocre.com

Μόσχα - Ρωσία

Email: info@soocre.com

Almaty - Kazakhstan

Email: info@soocre.com

Bishkek - Kirgistan

Email: naxos@soocre.com