Franchise Soocre ‘Handmade Gourmet Candy.

The Soocre H.G.C. company, through experience that it offers unrivaled benefits to partners – franchisees :Comprehensive range of high quality
Integrated system establishment , operation and management of the store
High quality education
Help and support for the operation of the store
advertising supportWhat is the store Soocre’.It is a modern production of handmade candy store with modern decor that offers a unique experience because of innovation to create the final product in front of the eyes of our visitors.Everybody talk about the process and the quality.The magic of creation combined with high technical of our Soocre’ Candy artisans who manage to create what is most unique in a candy and give to the visitor a big smile and a unique experience.The image of the product -of the range and the delicious flavors of products made with exclusive recipes,this is our advantage . Our friendly and highly trained staff provide services to the customer with enthusiasm and kindness and giving solutions to every thought is a unique creations.The 60 % of our sales also come from orders for company logos , baptism or wedding , birthday or in the celebration you Soocre ‘ gives color and flavor you wantThe store is the daily passage,for all ages. An enjoyable break ,at the fast pace of daily lifestyle .The gain of cooperation.

The Franchise Soocre ‘Handmade Gourmet Candy is a dynamic and profitable retail model . The advantages are:
The integrated concept Soocre ‘
The unsurpassed quality , purity and taste of products
The search of consumers for quality , fashionable products
The low cost of investment required compared to the potentially high performance
The low cost of operation of the shop

The Investing .

The investment consists of 3 elements:
The lessor right (air where applicable)
The construction costs of the shop (600 € -800 € per m² approximately ) along the lines of Soocre ‘Handmade Gourmet Candy.
Right of admission (Entry Fee) that allows the licensee to use the trademark Soocre ‘Handmade Gourmet Candy and which a significant part is intended to cover the costs of education , marketing , store design and inspection before opening .

Benefits package Franchise Soocre ‘Handmade Gourmet Candy.

The company’s offer is significant and covers all stages of setup and operation of the store .

a) Assessment of viability .

Selecting and assessing sustainability .

Calculating return on investment by producing relevant economic study .

b ) Design – Supervision .

The design and supervision of construction of the store is performed by experienced designers , to ensure uniformity of the network, the proper exploitation of space , aesthetics of the store and special needs , as well as functionality and reduce costs .

c ) Fixed Equipment .

The company indicates specific partners to supply equipment at favorable prices guaranteed

d ) Update – Education .

The company provides free continuing education to store personnel on products, serving the function of the store ( cost reduction , control of labor, warehouse , losses , etc. ) . And also inform the relevant animal health , market , labor , etc. issues . The client uses an integrated and ready package store operation and management , which ensures the proper and profitable operation of the store from the first day .

e) Advertising .

Every year , the company plans program promotions for new products , new stores etc.

f ) Exclusivity .

We provide contract that guarantees the rights of the licensee (franchisee) in a certain area for model Soocre ‘Handmade Gourmet Candy, priority development for this market .Duration is 10 years.




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